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Let's get you Updated Facts & Truth.

C-SPAN Hearing:
In Protection of African Americans.
10 COVlD-19 Facts African Americans - Must Know!


I've been in direct contact with it and worked against. Visited places where folks had the worst version(s) while helping my own MOM included in having the very worst version.

D3 Vitamins are the TRUTH.  Dr. Bergs' suggest, Boiling Sea Salt (attacks all viral pathogens)… and, it stopped that guttural coughing she had after two days of steaming.  This being my first experience with this sort of thing we Tag-Teamed with the hospital who stated- Bring her in if Fever sets in or other things about location of certain pains. Not knowing if we were at 50% Recovering or Dying… upon going to the hospital once side of her lungs successfully fought off the Virus but the only lung was still fighting.  Keep in mind, she had a damaged kidney.  Longer story shorten- The HERBS we gave her absolutely protected her from the worst version, leaving the Hospital nothing else to do but monitor & provide antibiotics only.  I am convinced that, where 'ALL' scriptures from anybodies books talks about herbs when it state- Herbs Are For The Healing of the Nations… I'm 100% Convince.  This is the second kind of test of that statement that's I've personally been a part of.  


And then I realized, Pharmaceutical don't actually create anything, they simply move the furniture around, synthesize and replicate findings then duplication what's felt to be the essential parts of something that's already the cure but has 1. Unstable/Uneven Beneficial Parts (Like an apple having Good and Rotten parts) 2. Has not Patent Profit Potential therefore, plagiarizing and calling the basis of a Synthesized Remedy a cure, that's a fraud-filled argument. Anything created from some pre-existing component in nature that's already the cure-component is a defective FRAUDULENT argument unseen by those who are highly Intelli-TRICKED.  A simple request for 100% Discovery would compel truth… but only if your opposition is made to respond backed by a sworn AFFIDAVIT of truth to it, under the penalty of perjury. Legal Remedy= Where 'RIGHTS' are encroached upon and you are prevented from the ability to reject INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.


Vitamin D/D3= Heal & Prevent  v. Vacc???  Pick One.
Wait- Did you look up how many shots & different shots you'll need waiting on those with a gOD Complex verses taking what NATURE GIVES FREELY?  I'll Wait.  Millions of Viruses are knowing on your immune system door every day.  If in the future 'GAIN OF FUNCTION (Better know as weaponizing pathogens) causes more than one PATHOGEN to knock at your… Never Mind.  Moving On...


Do an Internet Search on the number of KNOWN and UNKNOWN VIRAL PATHOGENS that exist.  Point being- Do you know why all of them have not attacked most of us?  There MILLIONS OF PATHOGENS that can be similarly weaponized.  If we're going to ignore the evidence that Vitamin D/D3 can handle those types too, so far, then, Get that Arm Ready!!!


Too, if Scientist are asked UNDER OATH or UNDER THE PENALTY of PERJURY (as all people speaking to the public should be... along with passing Drug Testing, something more significant than what's asked of those who play Sports) only then will they share the fact that--- your best defense is already working against the multitudes of these pathogens and it's clear that, now and forever an strong or strengthened/fortified immune system is already the answer and is the first answer.  Science can now tell you which 'ELECTRIC' food cause increased PATHOGEN fighting warriors in your body. Any Scientist that don't know the 'ROOT' cure over and above their.

Hmmmm... No, wait, let this sink in:  Sports Players are required more transparency, fortified with DRUG TESTING than we ask of our public and private section professionals who play more than an ENTERTAINMENT role in our daily lives.  Mandatory Drug testing answers a multitude of question that will never need to be asked once it's in place.  Yup, there will be dodgers… But when caught, the dodging becomes an 'INTENT' indictment.   Yes, No?
Oh, So now we're believing everything we are Sold/Told, huh?  Okay so, when Science once said Black People... Never Mind.

Wait, there's no readily available 'NATURE' alternative should the rest of those millions of viruses decide to want to be used to MOVE THE CROWD… or HERD.  Oh, wait, there is- It's called a D3 Vitamin. Need to know the Research, Click Here:


The Health Race:
(A Health Verses Battle- #QQForProfitScience v. #QQForProtectionScience)


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Plutocracy or Plutocrats will always seek ways to thin out and create a new bottom.  Meaning, reduce the depths or how low down or how many stages poverty exists.  By murdering off poverty at it's most extreme depths, should they themselves become broke (for whatever reason) there's less downward levels of poverty to fall which, in theory, you can work to get back up sooner once you figure out WAYS & MEANS of becoming Viable & Valued again.


There's an easier solution to Perpetual Viability and Perpetual ability to be of Value to Self and Others. Actually, ('YHWH') the God of Abraham, through believers made sure to preserve the solution for Perpetual Economic Prosperity.  It's so simple- 7YJ:
Click ME.


[This Side Note, if used will benefit the 99%, 1% and the Small but Powerful Invisible Plutocratic Families; better know as the True 'Ruling Class' can get along as… Humane Humans… Well, regarding the topic of economics.  We've added more than our share of Helping The Planet. Your Turn, on this or another beneficial Topic for the Human Race]





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