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Seat Belts On Please...

White & Jewish Men Dropped a Massive Opportunity when it comes to Others Coveting Their Efforts and making them their Default Step Daddies... or Children/Birds afraid to (Grow Up) leave the nest.
With White Woman & Black Folks Coveting You Out of Position...

When DEION shorted the HBCU from the Dream he sold them, you had a massive chance to state something like this:
• You get a chance to build your own but would rather Continue to COVET OUR EFFORTS
• If you Really wanted DIVERSITY and/or INCLUSION why won't you BUILD IT
• Deion will be reduced to Begging... but only after he completes his Meritorious Manumission Act
• All who could & Should Build for Your Kind & Don't are morally out of position to expect us to Daddy You.
• See, you had a chance to enjoy the fruits of having your own but can't get COVETING out of your system


HBCUs' have one change to change the trajectory of their SPORTS PROGRAM and use our Sports Ability to turn their Programs into POWERHOUSES.  How, see the writing on the WALL & SWITCH NOW.  Drop Tackle and invest in FLAG 'Skill' FOOTBALL.  This is the forward think, smart move HBCUs' can get a jump on. 

(You Can Continue to Wait Behind Others or Make Bold Move backed by our Habit Forming Culture Athletics to Command Calculated Change).  Everything starts with a software Database/CRM system to track everything about making a shift!!!

Hire an Actuary or One Able to use Calculus to gage outcomes.
Mathematically Calculate the Cost to insure Tackle Football, Equipment, Stadiums Upkeep and all the related cost, over time, towards obtaining the Implosion Date.  We are not using Math to come to 'MOST LIKELY' conclusions on very basic but impactful questions.

Only Meritorious Manumission Mindset Accept how Deion Handle himself.
We can't Fix Ourselves BASHING or BEGGING others.

In addition to all other comment, here another bothersome thing about the situation.
• Gutting some of the main talent.  Leave without Taking from what you've already built as planned, right?
• All of the Negative when dealing with our People are known- If you reach back and didn't know to plan for our shortcoming then, you really were not thinking of us.  Right?  (Things that went wrong are known things that also should have been part of the change package he sold.  You wouldn't even go to help a neglected animal and when the animal Adversely Reacts- turn around and say--- That's It, I'm done!!!  Unless your true intention(s) had nothing to do with what you initially stated.  Yes, Not?)
Any Business not using Government Funds, as the Supreme Court (Or, European Seated Governance Control) has leaned can (essentially) discriminate as to the configuration of their businesses.  EXAMPLE: The Case where African Hair Styles Can Be Discriminated against in a non-government funded business.
The Remedy is- #QQDropCovetingOthersEfforts
• Get SBA / GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS to Buy Diversity & Inclusion.
• BUY/PURCHASE Diversity & Inclusion using Tax Money!!!
• Have an Actuary Calculate how to use the Government to Purchase Diversity & Inclusion through the use of Government Grants/Loans and Small Business Association WAYS & MEANS.

It seem (QQWall Opinion) That the Would is lacking VISION when conversations about LACKING comes up.  Dream Big then find the tools in the real-world that can make those Dreams come true in one form or another.

Taste This-
Image if Tyler Perry accept an offer that removed him from building OWNERSHIP.  It would be back to being Subject To- Coveting & Begging.  Yes, No?


Too many Non-Manly Black Men are feeding you weak facts about Manly Manly Black Men.  Manly Men (from all races) don't mind the Fight for Redress, Remedy and/or Vindication.  It's when others Cheat or Engage in some equally dishonorable act in order to prevail, that's when it becomes a matter of concern.  Speaking from personal experience (As a Pro Se Advocate), I don't mind going up those (presumably) with more knowledge than myself in a legal setting.  However, once I begin to present Prevailing WAYS & MEANS that compelled the Judge(s) to Grant me the Victory and (before I knew the power of Affidavit Backed Fighting) they completely ignored Me, The Law & the Proper Functioning of the Court then, THAT'S THE ONLY TIME A TRUE MANLY MAN CARES ABOUT THOSE IN OPPOSITION TO OUR RIGHT TO DEFEND OUR EXISTENCE!!!  An, any true Manly Man that's on the course of being Self-MADE, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will he accept less than completing that task!!!  DEION is not what his act portrays.  However, I clearly see that he was a Dad on a mission and didn't know it would turn into something bigger than his initial intention not to let less Talented Men Coach His Sons' rise befitting what Deion knows his talent pool to be.  He could have and should have just said- I'm Looking out for my Sons and I promise to RISE EVERYONE willing to take this ride with me.  Yes, No?

He's managed to become DAD & DUD of the year... But he's still keeping his unspoken initial plan in play. (As a Dad Must Do)



For the $$$ being talked about and after what they've seen him do to an HBCU, wait until he sees the contract they bind him to!!!