#QQSPORTS | Black On Black DISHONESTY??? | #CoachPrime

#QQSPORTS | Black On Black DISHONESTY??? | #CoachPrime
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#QQSPORTS - DISHONESTY??? (@CoachPrime | #CoachPrime)

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The Love of a Father... The Capability of his Son would have been Unintentionally (or even Intentionally) Ruined by others if Deion didn't do what he did.  Deion, off the backs of Black ('Once Again') did what a Dad would and should do.  My problem is- He didn't have to use us as so many others do. Rather than Make us strong and force others to come to our culture (Which, they would) we keep Coveting Others Efforts.  We keep coveting the Efforts others sustained in order to be Coveted by Black Men who continue to Use & Sell Out.  What a Dad will do for family, I get that aspect.  But to do it at the point of SHOOTING or USING UP the larger family... Simply put- He was Dishonest. (Recruited & Left Others To Selfishly Ensure His Sons' Positioning)
Deion pulled an Obama on HBCU/Jackson State.
He should have simple stated-
I'm going to help Myself by Helping others First.
I'm going to set put to prove- If you Care and Lead you can change anything around for the better.

I have a commitment to Father my Sons.  While helping them, I'm going to lay down a Blue Print that will prove- It's all about Caring to Take The Lead and then making it happen.

Once again- Someone who simply coveted a better position under Non-African Americans, turning their own into STEPS towards what the COVETED.  Coveting will insidiously cause you to be defined as having a Meritorious Manumission Mindset.  Next... comes the Ties.

This 'IS' a Sell-Out Move.  Know the History of this type of action.
CLICK HERE: https://youtu.be/_joCGh51YIw
Shannon, surface intellect on this issue isn't enough.  Meritorious Manumission Mindset is an insidious.

I can sum up his true intention(s) like this-
It's For My Son (I, agree, and say- Rightfully so') and along the way I'll created a winning Blueprint improve things for Everyone.  

So, You are going to go Build up something that, even in its worst condition it still exceed HBCUs' any many 'GREAT' ways.  We can Cause our Culture to reward us if we keep giving ourselves to COVETING OTHERS EFFORTS!!!

This behavior by Deion is no different than any other Black on Black Crime.  Coveting the Efforts of Others rather becoming that which we Covet is where Black Folks of Means Keep Failing our Future Stability.  Here's Our Fall Back Position Towards Self Empowerment.  Click Me.

Even the Statistics show- African Americans Need this more than what he has Currently Coveted.  I can't respects the dishonesty portion within his moves.  Still, a Farther must protect his Son from know 'Waiting Adverse Action' intentionally or unintentionally young black males must traverse.   Having a Dad that can Beat-Down the Beat-DOWNERS... That's a Dads' duty. Yes, No?

JS is already Imploding.  
I don't want to hear Shannon (Nor other Meritorious Manumission Types) ever again say--- THEY or THEM when it comes to Equality or Diversity.  Why, when we are positioned to Build those things for ourselves, we turn around and go back to COVETING OTHERS EFFORTS over our need to Build on the Culture other are richly benefiting from.  

I wish a Prominent Jewish or White Person would come out and say it--- 'See, you complain about Lacking Power and/or Position and when it's time to maintain and sustain what it takes to Control Your Own Existence You Run Back to the Comfort of getting paid off of Covet Ours.  And, then you want to sue if we don't take better care of You and Your Children better than our own."  This is a perfect time & example to take shots at the Perpetual Sufferers among Blk Folks.  Yes, No?

Far too many Meritorious Manumission Types want White & Jewish People to take care of their FAMILIES and them.  And, are upset when that's bulked at.  NEWS FLASH (Based on a Supreme Court Ruling)... White & Jewish Business that are not using GOVERNMENT money can discriminate WHO & WHAT they hire or discard... Including dismissing your for wearing Black Hair Styles.  We'll Sue before we protest by OWNING OUR OWN???

To all Non-African Americans...
Do not confuse these TV-Meritorious-Manumission-Types as representative of Black Manly Men.  

Sport analogy- Real men of all Races would never ask Tom Brady To slow down, give some interceptions points.  Family Analogy- Big Brothers' stop bullying and taking advantage of little Brothers' when Little Brother Gets Bigger, Stronger and exacts some Real Self-Preservation across Big Brothers Head.  When Manly Black Men Speak you here COMPETE v. COMPLAIN.  And, Manly Men Don't belong to the Sufferers Club. (Babies Cry because- THEY CAN'T HELP THEMSELVES)

You guys are selectively missing what Deion Originally Sold Us/Them.

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