Dr. Sebi | How & Why He Won Updated May 2022

Dr. Sebi  |  How & Why He Won Updated May 2022
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The State v. Dr. Sebi.

MEDICAL AFFIDAVIT based Case where everything else Said, Seen, Written or otherwise done means nothing.  Look up UCC CONTRACT LAW regarding Affidavits.

Dr. Sebi was force to issue his claims in an Statement attached to a Medical Affidavit.  By accepting this Court Order Condition, Dr. Sebi makes an AFFIDAVIT BACKED CLAIM (not just an ordinary claim) of being able to cure diseases.  Affidavit Assertions, Answers and Non-Responses are the key.  Everything else amounts to burying the Facts about the Affidavit Backed Victory that happened even before stepping into the court room.  That's it!!!  No Need to read any further!!! (Other than the law in support of the light shined on the lies smeared on his Victory)

Everything else was enacted to create a pile of content to burry fact, evidence and truths while also helping the Court & Prosecutor to save face by fraudulently creating the appearance of coming to a mutual understanding.  Affidavit Based Cases don't crate ties.  The Courts Wins and the Opposition Goes to Jail... if proven wrong.  There is no Middle ground with Affidavits.


Here's why Dr. Sebi Won
The Medical Affidavit designed to disprove Dr. Sebi's claims failed.
• The Court Selected and Provided Dr. Sebi with Sick People
• The Court Demanded that Dr Sebi Sign a Medial Affidavit of Truth.
• The Court could end the case even before one second of court time simply by examining the given to Dr. Sebi to Cure and returning with a finding that NONE were cured.

Ignore all the Distraction & Detraction and comprehend why Dr Sebi won based on the Medical Affidavit Failure alone.

Dr Sebi's Signed medical Affidavit Claims he Cures.
The only allowed the case to go on to muddy up and cover over Dr Sebi's Affidavit Backed victory because---  Had any of the people that the Court Demand Dr Sebi to cure were not cured then, Dr Sebi could and would have instantly been arrested.

That's the Power of Affidavit.
However, because the Court could not Defeat Dr Sebi's Signed Medical Affidavit, Dr. Sebi Won.

If Dr. Sebi understood UCC CONTRACT LAW, he would have known, the AFFIDAVIT was the only thing that matter.  And, the Court had no reply to Dr Sebi's Signed Medical Affidavit.

Here's the law when the Court Failed to Defeat the Medical Affidavit Signed By Dr. Seibi exposed on him and the imposition was accepted by him as being his position:

PROOF OF POWER #1 of 12:
Affidavit uncontested unrebutted unanswered Morris vs. NCR, 44 SW2d 433 Morris v National Cash Register, 44 SW2d 433: “An Affidavit if not contested in a timely manner is considered undisputed facts as a matter of law.”

“Allegations in affidavit in support of motions must be considered as true in absence of counter-affidavit.” [Group v Finletter, 108 F. Supp. 327 Federal case of Group v Finletter, 108 F. Supp. 327]

Even Appeals Court...
…Courts of Appeals have explained, undisputedly authentic documents would leave standing the charges asserted in an undisputed affidavit. . SEE: Pension Benefit Guar. Corp. v. White Consol. Indus., Inc., 998 F.2d 1192, 1196 (3d Cir. 1993)

Courts, Prosecutors, Lawyers, the general public (Jury) and Culture Vultures (who find ways to befriend us while pecking-away at us from the inside out remain unaware as to the IMMEDIATE reason HOW & WHY Dr. Sebi Prevailed even before stepping into to the Court on the trial day.  The Prosecuted COULD NOT, DID NOT and WON'T EVEN challenge the Medical Affidavit Based Results.  Dr. Sebi's Family has not shown any signs of know this fact even to (2022) this day.

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